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  • Do you take insurance?
    No – I am an out-of-network provider – but if you have out of network benefits you should be able to get some of the cost reimbursed. I will provide you with a “superbill” each month, which you will then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Prior to starting therapy, you may want to ask the following questions of your insurance provider: Do I have out-of-network mental health/behavioral health benefits? Do I have a deductible? How much is it and how much has been met? What percentage of the therapy fee is covered? Is there a maximum # of sessions – or maximum dollar amount covered per year?
  • What is your fee?
    My fee depends on the length of the session and the services provided. My fees range from $250 - $350.
  • Do you offer reduced fees?
    I offer a limited number of reduced fee spots based on financial hardship.
  • When and how do I pay you?
    Payment is due on a weekly basis. I accept Zelle, Venmo, HSA/credit/debit and cash
  • How often will we meet?
    I meet with clients a minimum of once a week.
  • Do you meet in-person or remotely?
    I do both! With adults, I am very happy to meet with you in my office in Park Slope – but also understand that sometimes meeting remotely is more convenient. I only meet with children in person.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I require at least 48 hours notice (2 business days) – or you will be charged for the session. Please note that insurance plans generally will not reimburse for missed sessions.
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